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Dana Growth India Ltd is incorporated under the India Companies Act 1956. Dana Growth is the franchisee holder for IBM capital corporation AI system for INDIA. The encryption assets servers, artificial intelligence (AI) research & development center of the company are located in Ukraine.
Previously, IBM Capital Corporation was engaged in financial consulting, professional asset management, banking and securities derivatives transactions and foreign exchange business. Currently, we are the world’s leading fintech service provider and have provided smart digital asset solutions to major companies, governments and private investors in more than 60 countries globally.
60 +
countries globally
45 K
yearly customers


Computer Science

Ability to Analyze

Smart Robot

Ability to Decide

Self Learning

No Supervision

Ability to Adept

Beyond Human Capability


We establish strong link between the investor and various global markets. DG provides training and consultation in financial markets.

AI Basic

The linear analysis is carried out by using the big data of basic and technical aspects. It has the characteristics of highest efficiency, fastest execution and shortest cycle, and is suitable for junior financial managers or people with less capital.
Expected returns upto: 10%

AI Pro

The scope of trading has been broadened to allow multiple strategies to be executed simultaneously. Allow small losses and large profits to be judged. Have the ability to test empty orders at high frequency and trade real orders. Suitable for intermediate asset clients.
Expected returns upto: 12%

AI Genius

It has autonomous learning ability and defense system. Analyze using an iterative upgrade or iteration strategy and perform it in a distributed manner. Intelligent level has been further improved. Suitable for senior customers or customers with long-term digital assets.
Expected returns upto: 14%
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Look at what we have to offer our dear clients, AI Trading company in India

sdfdsAutomatically monitor thousands of currency combinations worldwide, Automated trading and execution of best strategies, Automatically run all Expert Advisors, 24 hours a day, 7 hours a day, independent learning and analysis of big data, Standard supporting independent accounting profit data.

Secure encrypted data for full privacy protection, Real-time transparent and transparent presentation of transaction data, Intelligent operation to achieve sustainable passive income.

New Project

IBM Capital is a regulated agency of the National Futures Association (NFA) with license number 0514461. In addition to overseeing participants in the US futures industry, the NFA is also responsible for the registration, compliance and arbitration of all companies and individuals doing business in the futures market. The agency has strict registration requirements and strict compliance rules, and monitors all financial market behaviors in real time.

IBM Capital is a broker that attaches great importance to supervision and transparency. In addition to being regulated by the NFA, all aspects of performance are also in the leading position in the financial industry.

New Project

IBM Capital’s artificial intelligence trading system, the first artificial intelligence technology based on digital currency asset management, monitors more than 1,000 digital currencies and more than 100 countries’ fundamental information in real time every second.

Integrate the global mainstream trading strategy, quickly enter the market at the most reasonable price, the execution speed reaches 0.01 seconds, seize the best market, reasonably allocate positions, strictly stop the loss setting, effectively control the risk, and achieve stable income in any market. IBM Capital Artificial Intelligence Trading System relies on the distributed membership management and asset management technology solutions developed by blockchain technology to achieve data security and security, and will quickly establish all digital asset holders and trader intelligence, Community.

Innovative Trading Solution