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Trading transactions by using margin trading facilities provided allows for one to make transactions in excess of one’s paid-up capital for stock purchasing.
Many traders would have the wrong understanding on how to make money with Futures market on the moment they open their real trading account.

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Futures trading is a trading system done in standard form contracts which includes commodities trading, stock indices and other derivative products that could be traded before the contract matures. The contract can be traded repeatedly by Primex International corp before the due date of delivery, in accordance with the wishes of market participants, both in the physical and non-physical markets.
Futures trading have become very attractive among clients who had previously invested in tradable stocks, mutual funds or other forms of physical trade. Futures trading amongst individuals have blossomed, after a long time being under the jurisdiction of the banking institution and fund management companies.
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Advantages of Our Trading System

We are the leading trade service provider and smart digital asset solutions
IBM Capital Corporation’s AI trading system is the world’s first automated trading robot focused on digital currency assets. The robot is capable of monitoring more than 1,000 digital currencies as well as fundamental data from more than 100 countries simultaneously.
Our system is integrated with global mainstream trading strategies and is able to execute trades at a lightning fast speed of 0.01 seconds. This enables our robot to enter trades at the best possible price, allocate capital efficiently and effectively manage risk. All these contribute to achieving a stable return regardless the prevailing market condition.
In order to achieve data security for our customers constantly, IBM Capital Corporation’s AI trading system leverages on existing blockchain technologies when managing the assets. An intelligent community of all digital asset traders is emerging.